“Clever and very funny; surprisingly romantic. Highly recommended.”

★★★★★  Female Arts (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)


★★★★ Daily Record (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

“A crisp comedy cutlet”

★★★★★ Reviewpegs (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

“Very funny, well-written, occasionally soul-bearing…delivered by a very amiable comedian”

★★★★ One4Review (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

“Upbeat and funny… Takes you on a personal journey… at the end of the show you’ll love her for it.”

★★★★★ Haxsyn (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

“An amazing story about not being normal…Funny, gritty, raw, well-balanced comedy. Get in early – she regularly sells out.” ★★★★ Sir Spamalot (Adelaide Fringe 2017)

“World class, inspiring and very funny” ★★★★★ WOW FM (Adelaide Fringe 2017)

“A funny, thought provoking, insightful and searingly honest show…it will sell out.”

Squirrel Comedy (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

Authenticity you can’t help but appreciate and admire…a likeable writer and performerThe Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe 2017)

“Engaging, interesting and leaves you with a warm glow”

Chortle (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

“An absolutely do not miss highlight…wonderful, hilarious, a moving personal journey of discovery. Brave, honest, thoughtful, very, very funny…Just go and see it. You’ll be very glad you did.” Chuck Moore Reviews (Adelaide Fringe 2017)

“Burton has been wowing the Fringe for some time now with her excellent comedy shows, which often tackle kind-of-serious subjects with an extremely light touch.”

Three Weeks (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)




Here are just some of the audience tweets…
“Beautiful and hilarious”
“Very moving and very funny”
“A triumph”
“Powerful, moving and hilarious”
“140 isn’t enough to express the feels”
“The laughs, the emotions, the weird”
“Highly recommend”
“Moving and inspirational”
“Gets you right in the feels”
“6 stars”
“So glad we saw it. Such an amazing show; funny, touching and with a touch of filth!”
“An hour well spent. Best decision I made today!”

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