Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show.

JoJo Sutherland, Frankie Lowe and Janey Godley who’ve played a huge part in the development of this show.

MASSIVE thanks to Marina Calderone, Jen Davis, Hilary Cambell and Liza Brown for their creative support, production guidance and funding help.

‘Look At Me’ stage show magazine presentation photography (the amazing Timelapse video and the magazine adverst) is by the incredible Alex Beckett who generously donated his time and talent. Please see Alex’s sensational website which Juliette peruses regularly now to dream, escape and be inspired…(a much better way to do so than buying magazines).

A huge thanks to Holly Beckett who brainstormed, created, organised and produced all the model shoots with Alex.
To all the ‘Look At Me’ magazine models – perfectly imperfect real women: RosLike her Facebook page. Lillian –  Like her Facebook page. Emma.

Lizzy Mace for the graphic design work. Helena G Anderson, Hollie Berry MUA and Tyfene Vally for the publicity photography, make up and hair.

To all the interviewees: Adam Pearson, Mat Fraser, Doug Segal, Geoff Adams-Spink, Simon Minty, Alan Hay, Becks Vezey, Emma O’Brien, Jeff Zycinski, Jean Rees, John Lyons, Bobby Baker, Julia Sutherland, Leo Gormley, Pat Tomlinson, Rosemary Burton, Lillian Love, Ros Evans, Mark Lewelyn, Zareen Taj, Omari Carter, Michelle, Hilary Campbell, David Guild, Tania Czajka, Barry Martin, Conor Deignan.

For more information on the Look At Me interviewees please visit Juliette’s YouTube channel

The Look At Me music video was created by the incredible Carse and Waterman Productions

The Look At Me pop song is by ‘Sing Ken Ken – feat Juliette Burton’. Produced and composed by Frankie Lowe at Castaway Audio Lyrics and vocals by Juliette Burton

Check out Frankie’s other work here


Thanks to the facial disfigurement charity Changing Faces,

body dysmorphic disorder charity B.O.D.Y.

the eating disorder charity B-Eat and

the Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh




Thanks to all crowdfunding supporters. Tania, Michelle, Kirsty, Rosalind, Garfield, Richard, Baxter, Claire, Marina, Samantha, Daniel, Eleanor, Helena, Simon, Barry, Colin, Conor and everyone who contributed anonymously.

And thanks to Joseph Pearce’s Bar: Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.31.31