Reviews – WHEN I GROW UP

Juliette was featured on John Lloyd presents… Quite Interesting Edinburgh on 20th August 2013

“Comedy you can learn from.”

BBC Edinburgh Festivals (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“Juliette Burton is someone with a future as bright as her world view…When I Grow Up bounces along with her Zooey Deschanel-style glee”

THE STAGE (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“When I Grow Up is an inspirational showcase of storytelling at its best, justly relying on Burton’s effervescent personality.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby (Brighton Fringe 2014)

“Full of joy, pain and dreams…full of humour and pathos…comic storytelling at its best…. A dream of a show – do not miss it”.

★★★★★ WHAT’S ON NORTH (October 2014)

“[The audience] was richly rewarded with a funny, entertaining, brave and thought-provoking show…A truly uplifting affair, thought-provoking and positively bursting with optimism”

★★★★ PUBLIC REVIEWS (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“A special show performed by a truly gifted orator.”

★★★★ THE NEW CURRENT (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

Relaxed, humorous, energetic and effervescent… Burton’s having a ball and invites all of us to the dance.

★★★★ Rip It Up (Adelaide Fringe 2014)

A quirky tale…that makes you smile and think.

★★★★ Sunday Mail (Adelaide Fringe 2014)

An accomplished performer… Burton takes us on a very personal and honest journey…in this cleverly-written show.

Herald Sun (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014)

Hilarious, touching and poignant…You can’t help but be drawn to Burton’s sense of joy and amazing energy… She doesn’t shy away from being achingly honest…it is such honesty that brings her to the next level.

★★★★ Beat magazine (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014) – Written and published originally by A Short Girl In Melbourne★★★★★

Honest humour at its best… Current, relevant and engaging… truly a pleasure to watch.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW – Fringe Review (Adelaide Fringe 2014)

“The winsome Burton…[delivers] a feelgood, upbeat hour…lovingly made with a sense of vision… a confident step along the route to success for Burton and an entertaining heart-warmer for the rest of us.”

Steve Bennett – CHORTLE CHORTLE TOP 10 SHOW! Top 10 shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2013

A warm and highly engaging performer…[with] remarkable fearlessness in pursuit of a punchline.”

THE LIST (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

TOP 10 Gilded Balloon theatre show Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Hugely likeable…I strongly suggest you see this brilliant show!”

BROADWAY WORLD (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“Faultless…the audience were boisterous and effusive in their praise.”

SQUIRREL COMEDY (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“A bubbly demeanor that was really joyful to watch… encapsulating and moving…Burton has great energy and her positive attitude will rub off on you.”

Squirrel Comedy (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014)

“Endearing, optimistic, delightful.”

THE SKINNY (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“A gem that shines brightly… deeply personal and confronting…stays with you long after you’ve left the theatre.”

Australian Stage (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014)

A whimsical hour…hope and positivity runs strong throughout.”

Adelaide Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe 2014)


A happy, life-enhancing show… People will go out with a smile on their face…I did.

Comedy blogger John Fleming (of the Malcolm Hardee Awards for comic originality) on his 1st When I Grow Up

“…funny, fast-moving, uplifting and joyous and … had me with tears in my eyes…”

John Fleming in January 2014 on his 6th viewing of When I Grow Up

“If you’ve ever fancied a trip down memory lane, this is definitely not one to be missed!”

Funny Women


WHAT THE PUBLIC SAY (from Twitter & Facebook):

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Richard: Just found my first fringe gem, #whenigrowup @JulietteBurton warmed my cynical soul. #gildedballoon #charmed

Katie: Saw @JulietteBurton ‘s poignant #whenigrowup at #EdFringe today. Highly recommended – it’s both funny and moving.

Tania: very well written and soo honest. Bravo!

Mark: Wow! @JulietteBurton show #whenIgrowup is one of the most beautiful, honest and funny shows I have seen. Seriously, go.

Donna: saw your show today and loved it!

Megan: My #edfringe picks: @JulietteBurton When I Grow Up (heart-warming)

Brian: Juliette Burton “When I Grow Up” at Gilded Balloon. Funny, sweet, pretty, endearing and funny to boot. Good way to start the cultural day!

Alan: Just watched a very funny and very moving one women show when grow up performed by Juliette Burton

Amie: hilarious show but also incredibly emo. Must see #edfringe. Now to watch the YouTube video.

Jen: Absolutely engaging a great way to start a day

Steve: Spreading joy is very much your calling #whenigrowup #edfringe

Angela: Great show. Unexpectedly moving, very well written and funny. Won’t give the end away but be ready to cheer – we all did!

Stephen: A funny, touching, brave and uplifting show. Juliette is wonderful – go see her

Lee: saw the show yesterday. It was absolutely awesome! Well done. We saw you last year and look forward to seeing you again.

Zoe: Made me feel happy about the fact that I don’t know what I want to be #whenigrowup

Ry: just saw “When I Grow Up” at The Fringe by @JulietteBurton #WhatACutie #Dreamers

Jane: Enjoyed @WhenIGrowUpSHOW by @JulietteBurton so much. Funny and touching. Perfect. #whenigrowup

Gill: Just seen #whenigrow up by the beautiful and inspirational @JulietteBurton! Such a good show! ? #edfringe

Amy L: Good stuff. It’s amazingly healing to *create* something out of the bad times.

Camilla: amazing. Just amazing. Well done.

Jennie: #WhenIGrowUp is funny, honest, inspiring, brave & an #EdFringe must see. Big well done to @JulietteBurton

Eleanor Conway: Went to see @JulietteBurton today…. Definite go see @edfringe

Jon: Excellent #EdFringe show by @JulietteBurton. Still wondering what I’ll be #whenigrowup

Victoria: Really enjoyed @JulietteBurton in her @efringe show @WhenIGrowUpSHOW it was funny, inspiring & beautiful. Well done. #edfringe #WhenIGrowUp

Edmund: Should you go see When I Grow Up by @JulietteBurton – of course you bloody should! It’s touching, uplifting and contains muppets

Rachel Marshall: #whenigrowup is a funny, moving, thoughtful show. Highly recommend to everyone #edfringe @JulietteBurton

Jane: @EleanorConway @JulietteBurton Top show, isn’t it? I’ve recommended it to loads of people x #whenigrowup

Stephen: Just seen @JulietteBurton #whenigrowup – funny, touching, brave and uplifting show. Juliette is wonderful – go see her #edfringe

Anne: Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your show today. I was the mum of the giggling boy every time you said shit! Hope the rest of the festival goes well for you x

Ed: Watched the show today. It was excellent and I think everyone in the audience could see something of themselves in not knowing what job they eventually wanted to do. You have found your vocation in life:)
Diana: A brilliant show! It was a lovely mixture of humour and inspiration.

Hilary Campbell: @julietteburton your show was amazing. I laughed a lot and now I’m trying not to cry. It is OK to be a dreamer after all. Thank you

Natalie Terry: First Fringe show down, just been to see Juliette Burton, very uplifting for a recent graduate like me! Definitely recommend. #whenigrowup

Amy Liptrot: I’m proper moved and delighted by @JulietteBurton performing When I Grow Up. Go if you’re at the Fringe (everyday 1.15)!

Angela: Great show today! Funny, moving, excellent – bravo! And even the reviewer seemed to be enjoying himself! X

Liz: really enjoyed #whenigrowup funny, thought provoking and moving. Good luck with the rest of the run!

Dave: Just saw the best show of the fest so far, go see it – ‘when I grow up’

Alan: Excellent show Juliette could easily be performed for A level students in schools. I would be happy to try and arrange one

Gorgie City Farm: Just seen #whenigrowup by @JulietteBurton excellent would definitely recommend.

Megan: Just saw warm, charming show When I Grow Up from @JulietteBurton. – making serious issues accessible.

Zoe: Lovely lunchtime show from charming @JulietteBurton. Sweet, engaging & from the heart. Thanks for the invite!

Sue: A stonker of a show!

Liz: lovely show, heartwarming and honest! I also still don’t know what I want to be #whenigrowup

Kirsty: Really enjoyed @JulietteBurton today @edfringe: proving what can happen when you dream big! Beautiful dress choice as well!

Dave: @JulietteBurton fantastic show. Only those who dream can make the world a better place. You are an inspiration, good luck! X

Harriet: Just saw @JulietteBurton‘s fringe show @Gildedballoon. Very funny & moving. One for anyone uncertain about following your dreams.

Natalie: New comedy crush. @julietteburton was absolutely wonderful.

Scott: Saw @JulietteBurton today in #whenigrowup. Was soo good! Really funny and inspiring story. A must see in the fringe this year!! #checkitout

Cliff Barnes: A beautiful show.

Sarah – Just went to see ‘When I Grow Up’ – absolutely fabulous! The show was amazing! It’s totally inspired me for going into my next year at college.

Dai Lowe – Lovely, & heart-warming, delightful, moving &funny

James – Amazing show

Lizanne – Just out of @JulietteBurton wonderful show #whenIGrowUp. Got a little weepy between the laughs. Also got a badge!

Doug Segal – Yesterday I saw the finished version of @JulietteBurton‘s #Edfringe show. Funny, moving & uplifting. Go see it.

Storm – ‘When I Grow Up’ Heartwarming fun, go see it!

Sophie – Awesome @Gildedballoon debut for @JulietteBurton yesterday with #whenigrowup. Very funny, very touching a real feel good show.

Genevieve#edfringe please see #whenigrowup with @JulietteBurton . It’s such a good show. Good balance of story telling, and humour. A big thumbs up.

Dave Chawner – A wonderful writer and one to watch.

Deli Fresco – Congratulations on a great show today.

Jennie: I first discovered Mace&Burton through their show RomComCon 2 years ago and I loved it and them. Y’know when something just strikes a chord and ‘gets’ to you, you may not know why, but it just does…well that did. I remember bounding out with a smile on my face, and consequently, I ended up dragging my then other half along to see it with me at the Camden Fringe and I saw it again along with Heartbreak Hotel last year in Edinburgh.

When Juliette announced that she was doing her own show this year, I began to watch the development of it via Twitter, YouTube, etc with interest and laughter, along with an added dose of admiration as she talked openly about her mental health issues.

And so it was with great anticipation that I sat down at the Gilded Balloon today to watch When I Grow Up.

I’m a theatre (mainly of the musical variety) girl through and through, so a cast of one stood in front of a projector screen is fairly far removed from what I normally class as entertainment. However, it WAS entertainment.

I laughed, I smiled, I shed a tear, I watched in admiration and found it inspirational. I think at least one part of it must have struck a chord with every single audience member. Personally, it did on many levels and I loved how it captured the essence of “anything can happen if you let it”. But until that amazing thing does happen, just be happy in life.

I firmly believe that if everyone in the world watched When I Grow Up, then the world would be a much more content and cheerier place. It is a well written and delivered show, and the amount of work that has gone into it is incredible…and I cannot recommend it enough.

Watch it, and learn to be happy with who you are, whoever or whatever you are.

Barry – “Saw the preview show of “When I Grow Up” yesterday and I don’t hesitate to recommend it. Juliette’s whimsical attempts to realise her childhood dreams never fail to greatly amuse, while her unfaltering honesty regarding previous events in her life was poignant and moving. Personally I left the theatre uplifted and inspired. Do make the time to see this fantastic work from a remarkable performer. ”


Preview tweets:

Valerie: A very moving, imaginative and heartfelt performance.

Jess Dux: Overwhelmingly lovely… utterly adorable!

Cat Nichol: Really enjoyed preview tonight of #WhenIGrowUp by the fabulous @JulietteBurton Highly recommended if you’re heading to #edfringe this year!

Aaron W: I got to enjoy @JulietteBurton in #whenigrowup again tonight, a real cracker of an #edfringe show, definitely recommend it!

Doug Segal: This show comes with the Doug Recommendation™. I think you’ll love it.

Luke W: Just saw @JulietteBurton in ‘When I grow up’ – Really great show! Funny & Touching – Deffo on the @edfringe list!

Edmund W: She is a brave and beautiful one, this one: (not to mention pretty funny, too)

Michelle G: Excellent first preview last night of Juliette Burton: Writer Performer‘s new show, When I Grow Up (at Edinburgh Fringe). It’s funny, moving, thought-provoking and charming. Definitely recommend – shows in Cambridge too: When I Grow Up (CAMBRIDGE PREVIEWS)

Aaron W: Thanks to @JulietteBurton‘s lovely show last night, I realised I currently have a job, but am working towards having a vocation :) … you actually inspired me quite a bit! (In terms of pushing for vocation rather than job) … @JulietteBurton put on an excellent show, really good fun and a well told story. What a marvellous evening!

Andy F: Thanks for sharing your story with such courage – if I ever grow up, I want to be as authentic and lovely as you!

Xtreme Productions: Had a great night watching @doug_segal and @JulietteBurton previewing their new shows, both of which were wonderful. Highly recommend!

Laura: Accosted you as you were getting in your car- sorry! Absolutely loved the show!

And for any schools thinking of booking Juliette:

“Juliette Burton has the rare ability to both entertain and give pause for thought because her show ‘When I Grow Up’ taps into some very resonant and important themes for young people today. Her integrity and authenticity are writ large in every minute of her act and there is a goldmine of PHSE material waiting to be explored. I have no doubt that any educational institution would benefit from inviting her to come and speak to its student body and the material is delivered in such a disarming and engaging way that it is imminently suitable for Year 8 to Sixth form leavers.

The show invites us to journey with Juliette through the ups and downs, inspirations and disillusionment that comes with embracing adulthood, but ultimately she offers a voice of hope to all those who are trying to navigate a route to their own sense of self. I cannot recommend Juliette’s work highly enough and hope that she is able to take her message to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK; hers is a voice that needs to be heard.”

Andy Fisher, Housemaster & Teacher, Norwich School