• Juliette Burton: No Brainer : SOLD OUT Machfest 2022 – SOLD OUT Nottingham Comedy Festival 2022 – SOLD OUT Leicester Comedy Festival 2023 – BEST SHOW Nottingham Comedy Festival 2022 – STREAMED LIVE by NextUp Comedy 2023 – ON TOUR Summer/Autumn 2023
  • Juliette Burton: Redefined : Virtual performances in 2020 and 2021
  • Juliette Burton: Defined : Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 – SOLD OUT SHOWS – on tour in venues and virtually in 2020. Watch the Defined videos here
  • Juliette Burton: Butterfly Effect : Edinburgh Fringe 2017 SOLD OUT & 2018 SOLD OUT, UK Tour, Leicester Comedy Festival, Bedfringe, Guildford Fringe, Great Yorkshire Fringe, Offbeat Festival
  • Juliette Burton: Decision Time : Edinburgh Fringe 2016 SOLD OUT, Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival, Great Yorkshire Fringe, Bedfringe, Offbeat Festival, Guildford Fringe
  • Juliette Burton: Look At Me : Edinburgh Fringe 2014 SOLD OUT & 2015 SOLD OUT, New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Larmer Tree Festival
  • Juliette Burton: When I Grow Up :  Edinburgh Fringe 2013 SOLD OUT, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe
  • Mace & Burton: Rom Com Con : Edinburgh Fringe (2011 & 2012), Brighton Fringe

Juliette Burton has spoken on mental health, comedy, inspiration, disability, feminism and more at events and conferences for:

  • Aesop (2023) 
  • Open Inclusion (2022/23)
  • Equity (2022)
  • Pregnant then Screwed (2022)
  • Adobe (2021)
  • KPMG (2021) 
  • Jaguar Landrover (2019)
  • Mind (UK mental health charity)
  • Feminism in London
  • Department of Business Innovation and Skills (Westminster)
  • TED talks
  • YMCA
  • Time To Change
  • Westmeria Counselling Services
  • Various secondary schools and universities in the UK and Australia and many more.

Get in touch via to find out more about booking Juliette as a virtual and in real life speaker

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Please see below for testimonials.

“During her impressive career to date, Juliette has been generous in sharing her own experiences of mental illness and a wonderful supporter of our charity. She understands the diversity of people’s experiences and the sensitivities involved, approaching the big questions with compassion. She can also navigate what are often challenging issues in an open and honest way. As a performer, she crucially recognises where humour and creativity can play an important role in helping to engage audiences. This is invaluable when it comes to opening up conversations about mental illness, a topic which is still so often stigmatised. I have also been impressed by Juliette’s approach to her work, and the detailed research, consideration and preparation that is integral to its creation. Our community can both learn from and be entertained by, embracing her healthy curiosity about the world we all live in” 

Kat Allin – Head of Media, Rethink Mental Illness (2024)

“The Arts have power in engaging people in a conversation that they often can so avoid. I am a huge advocate of using the arts as a way of breaking down barriers and reaching new audiences in a sensitive, funny and powerful way. Juliette’s work is the perfect example of this. Juliette’s work has and will continue to save lives.”

Jake Mills – Mental health charity Chasing The Stigma (2024)

“Juliette’s dedication to the cause, her lived experiences, and focus on harm-reducing practices means she leads with compassion, sensitivity, and her own personal flair for storytelling. As soon as you speak with her, her passion and desire to involve others is immediately clear.”

Sal Pearman, EDI consultant (2024)

“Juliette is a fabulous team member at Open. She works directly with clients helping educate and inform them around inclusive customer experience design. She also positively challenges and supports our team as we design our research programmes. She is a great asset to the team. Juliette is a fabulous team member at Open. She works directly with clients helping educate and inform them around inclusive customer experience design. She also positively challenges and supports our team as we design our research programmes. She is a great asset to the team.”

Christine Hemphill – Open Inclusion (Disability Inclusive Design Consultancy) – 2023

“Juliette Burton is a talented and creative writer, voice artist, and performer. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Juliette for over seven years on various projects, including children’s TV, Social Media Content, Youtube content, and Music Videos.

Juliette’s passion, humor, and creativity are evident in all of her work. She is a natural storyteller with a unique ability to capture the attention of audiences of all ages. Her writing is witty, engaging, and always on-point. Her voice work is exceptional, and her performances are nothing short of brilliant.

Working with Juliette is always a pleasure. She is professional, reliable, and takes great pride in her work. Her enthusiasm for her craft is contagious, and she is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that her work exceeds expectations.

I highly recommend Juliette Burton to anyone looking for a talented and passionate writer, voice artist, or performer. She is an asset to any project, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Daniel Waterman – Carse and Waterman Productions – 2023

“Huge thank you to Juliette for participating in the discussion panel on the topic of loneliness for Mental Health Awareness Week. She was very engaging, giving excellent advice and an incredibly raw and honest insight into her mental health journey. She came prepared and understood the brief perfectly.”

Immediate Media, Mental Health Awareness Week virtual talk 2022

“As a long-standard Equity member, and ambassador for Rethink Mental Health Illness, Juliette was the perfect option as a speaker for an event during Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. Juliette captured perfectly the challenges of maintaining good mental health as a comedian/performer, and spoke with great insight on her own mental health history, and of how she manages to maintain good mental health. Juliette managed to maintain a balance of insight, humour and compassion in speaking to Equity members about striving to manage their own mental health.”

 Ian Manborde, Equalities and Diversity Officer, Equity UK, Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

We know that those who, like Juliette, share their lived experience play a huge part in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental ill health.  The honesty, strength and humour she displays in her performance, gives others a greater understanding and empathy for those who struggle.  Together with shaping our work by sharing her learning with our members, Juliette has delivered highly acclaimed sessions for our clients who range from statutory services to corporates.  It goes without saying that she is highly respected by us all, as a performer, a writer and a campaigner.  We are in awe of her survival from a life of mental illness and her ability to use this experience in her work, with knowledge and humour. Juliette has much she can tell us on how to be ‘hope-filled’.”

Jo Emmerson – Speakers Collective Director (2021)

“I have known Juliette both professionally and personally for a number of years and she is one of the most inspiring (and funniest!) people I know. Her projects are bold, insightful and exciting. Her work is more needed now than ever before.

Jonny Benjamin MBE (2021)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Juliette Burton for almost 2 years now, and can say hands down that she is one of the most professional, lovely and talented individuals I’ve worked with in the wellbeing and entertainment industry. Comments from clients of mine on Juliette’s work include;

“Highly Engaging”
“Hilarious, honest and such a huge heart”
“Her performance had me crying with laughter- her story and honestly is beautiful, yet delivered with such artistic genius” 

Jenni Cochrane – Getahead Festival (2021)

“Supporting employee mental health in the workplace has never been more prevalent and the importance of engaging employees is ever more challenging in a virtual world.  As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to be creative in raising awareness and reduce stigma of mental health hence inviting Juliette to run a virtual gig for Adobe Employees. We found Juliette’s humour combined with storytelling about her own experiences on a very personal and stigmatised subject very powerful. Employees responded overwhelmingly positively to this approach. Due to this and Juliette’s captivating humour and professionalism in delivering comedy about mental health, we invited her back to facilitate our first employee mental heath panel for World Mental Health Day. Juliette was sensitive to our panellist’s mental health stories and directed the conversation in a professional manner using her charming comic skill where appropriate.  Adobe would happily invite Juliette back for future events.”


“Juliette’s presentation to our Upper 6th pupils was honest, informative, personal and thought provoking. She has an exclusive way of engaging with young people, allowing  them feel safe and secure to discuss the topic of mental health. I have never experienced students wanting to continue to talk to a speaker for hours after the initial talk had finished. Thank you for sharing your experiences and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.”

Kelly Morgan – Head of PSHEE Millfield School (Millfield School – November 2017)

“I just wanted to say another huge thank you for your talk at school, it really was so enlightening and also uplifting to hear someone discuss the matters you did with the level of positivity and humour you had in your approach. It was so unique and inspiring and if anything gave hope to many who I think have silently been crying for it… I’ve never heard students open up in the way they did with you… It was one of the best talks from a visitor we’ve had and even better to see everyone engaging afterwards, so thank you once again! I’ll be sure to look out for you and your shows in the future.”

Millfield School Student – Upper Sixth (Millfield School – November 2017)

“Juliette was a joy to work with both from an organiser’s perspective and from the feedback from attendees. She is a brilliant speaker and hit exactly the right balance between serious and irreverent in her contribution. The feedback from her session was 100% positive with many saying she was the highlight of the conference for them. I very much hope she will continue to be engaged with us and many thanks from Feminism in London!”

Julian Norman – Programme Manager (Feminism in London Conference 2015)

“Juliette tells her own story of mental health with a rare candour and honest humour that can’t fail to challenge audiences. She compels people to question their own attitudes, or perhaps judgements, and in so doing makes an invaluable contribution to the fight against the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds mental health problems. In exposing her personal story through comedy, Juliette makes the very real issue of mental health accessible – inspiring discussion and igniting a spark of personal empowerment in us all.”

Paul Farmer – CEO of Mind (Mind CEO conference)

“You made an excellent contribution at our [Time To Change] events and the feedback we’ve had, has been fantastic. People found you amazing, refreshing, informative, engaging and funny. You really spoke from the heart and brought a very difficult subject to life for your audience.”

Dorothy Deacon (Health & Wellbeing )/ Gavin Morris (Strategy Planning – Time To Change campaign – (Department of Business Innovation and Skills)

“We can’t thank Juliette enough for her wonderful performance and for the impact she had on our night. She’s a remarkable, brave and caring woman, who is an inspiration to those who are affected by mental health. Her performance brought the reality of mental health issues to the surface, whilst bringing humour to the room. She accommodated her speech to fit specifically with our cause and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Weeks later and we still have guests telling us how incredible they thought Juliette was and the impact her words had on them”.

Scarlett Jeffrey – Westmeria Counselling Services – Annual Ball and Awards

“A fantastic, witty, intelligent and professional host. Juliette was full of energy and enthusiasm both on, and off the stage, interacting and keeping our audience laughing and on the edge of their seats throughout. She is laugh out loud funny but with the ability to address serious issues in an engaging and unique way. An absolute joy to work with!”

Tim Pottle, Director of Content, TEDxWarwick

“I wanted to personally thank you for presenting at the awards last week. You were really amazing and I know how many people your words touched. We’ve had fantastic feedback from the launch week and hope the campaign will now go from strength to strength. I really hope you will continue to be involved as an ambassador.”

Deborah Potts – YMCA England

“Many thanks for coming in yesterday! You really are fantastic! You really were incredibly inspirational to the students and my colleagues were also raving about how good the show was.”

Anna Myatt – Stoke Newington School

“Last night I was talking to the audience members from your show….every one of them enjoyed it, some said it was the best they’d seen so far in this year’s festival and were profoundly moved by it.”

Keith Walker – Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

“I would just like to thank you so much for performing at our ComEDy Gala on Monday. We have had fantastic feedback on the event. I have had the privilege of seeing Juliette perform her different shows on a number of occasions. I have always been very impressed with the quality of her work and the way that she makes serious  issues such as body image and eating disorders funny and accessible to her audience. I would highly recommend Juliette.”

Cheryl Armitage – Beat (beating eating disorders)

“You’re a real professional. It’s so great to see how you’ve managed to turn your experience with body image into such a positive thing through your show and I think your story is one so many people can learn from.”

Becci Gould – Be Real campaign (Forster Communications)

Juliette is an experienced voiceover artist and radio presenter. She has worked on air and in production for BBC radio since 2008 and as a voiceover artist for audio books, language tapes, narration and BBC comedy and drama. She works regularly for the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), BBC Radio, Cambridge University Publishing, Chatterbox Voices, Bigmouth Audio, Wav Lab and more.


“Juliette combines honesty and humour and has made a powerful impact with BBC Radio Scotland’s listeners… As a communicator and performer she can tread the fine line between comedy and near-tragedy and does so with skill and assurance.  and a great contributor to radio programmes as a voiceover, a speaker in live topical discussions or as a narrator of her own life stories.”


Listen to Juliette in this animation for Carse and Waterman:

As an actor, Juliette has performed professionally on stage, radio and screen since 2009 and played the lead role in SuperMum, directed by Lisa Gifford, which premiered at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival.

Click here to see Juliette’s Spotlight acting and presenting profile

As a journalist and writer, Juliette Burton has written for the following publications:

  • MQ Mental Health Research Copywriter 2022-2023
  • Writer and editor for Donor Conception Network – 2023
  • BBC Newsjack Radio 4 Extra
  • Cosmopolitan magazine on dating with mental health conditions and more…
  • BBC news  on disability, mental health and beach body ready fiascos (more to come)…
  • The Independent on why her knickers are not in a twist, how we need global feminism and more…
  • Cosmopolitan online on anxiety and what you need to know (more articles to come)…
  • Standard Issue Magazine on mental health, body confidence, The Muppets, Sesame Street, kindness, bonfire night, feminism and much more…
  • Huffington Post on the power of advertising, comedy combined with mental health and more…
  • Time To Change on comedy, mental health and more…
  • Mind on her experiences of mental health
  • ReThink on why mental health is hilarious and also for ReThink – on new years new beginnings, hope and mental health…

and many more.

As a script writer Juliette has written for Abnormally Funny People, Skillboosters, BBC Radio, the National Film and Television School, her own shows and more.

For more information on Juliette as a writer, please contact and

As a presenter, Juliette Burton has presented, reported and been been featured on:

  • Juliette Burton’s Not So Lonely Planet with Hat Trick Productions 2023. LISTEN HERE
  • The One Show (BBC – 2017)
  • BBC Edinburgh Festivals on iPlayer (BBC – 2017)
  • Tomorrow’s World (BBC – 2017)
  • This Morning (ITV – 2014)
  • London Fix weekend presenter (online – 2017)
  • MCM Comic Con video diary presenter (online – 2015 to 2016)
  • Cambridge TV The MAC presenter (freeview – music, arts and culture – 2015 to 2017)
  • Red Carpet reporting (NMG music awards TV – 2016)
  • Skin Deep and Feeling Kind of Funny (BBC Radio Scotland – 2013 to 2014)
  • The Nine O’Clock Show (BBC Radio – 2008 to 2009)

Juliette has also appeared as a guest on many podcasts including:

  • Dave’s Conversations Against Living Miserably with Lauren Pattison and Aaron Gillies
  • Sofie Hagen’s Who Hurt You?
  • Confined to Barracks with Mitch Benn
  • Mystery on the Rocks with Sooz Kempner, Chris Stokes and Masud Milas
  • Worst Foot Forward with Ben Van Der Velde
  • Audible’s Mental Health podcast
  • The Proper Mental Podcast
  • Comedy in A Nutshell

and more…

As an actor, Juliette has performed professionally on stage, radio and screen since 2009 and played the lead role in SuperMum, directed by Lisa Gifford, which premiered at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival.

Click here to see Juliette’s Spotlight acting and presenting profile