Look At Me

What will you see if you Look At Me?

Award-winning performer Juliette Burton’s been fat, thin and everything between. Now, she’ll change even more!

From dressing sexily to wearing the hijab, being male, obese, old and nude: can changing our outsides change who we are on the inside? And is who we appear to be who we are?

‘Juliette Burton: Look At Me’ received critical and audience acclaim, and was an official sold out show at Edinburgh Fringe 2015. Juliette received the Argus Angel Award for Excellence at the Brighton Fringe 2015 in May 2015 for her performance of Look At Me at Brighton’s Komedia. She was nominated for The Skinny’s Talk of the Town Award for Cultural Impact at Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Look At Me informs Juliette’s comedic body confidence talk available to book. INTERESTED IN BOOKING THIS TALK? Get in touch via info@julietteburton.co.uk

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The Look At Me music video was created by the incredible

Carse and Waterman Productions

Produced and composed by Frankie Lowe at Castaway Audio

Check out Frankie’s other work here

Lyrics and vocals by Juliette Burton

All presentation photography – the timelapse video and all advert images – by ALEX BECKETT who generously donated his time and talent.

Please see Alex’s sensational website which Juliette peruses regularly to dream, escape and be inspired…

(a much better way to do so than buying magazines).

For more information on the Look At Me interviewees and real life models please visit Juliette’s YouTube channel

All the ‘Look At Me’ magazine models are perfectly imperfect real women:

Ros – who advertises CONFIDENCE in the show – is a beautiful, inspiring woman who – despite her cystic fibrosis – makes beautiful hats and stunning bridal wear for a living. Like her Facebook page.

Lillian – who advertises COURAGE in the show – became a professional model after a difficult break up that shook her confidence. She was a runner up at The National Vintage Awards 2014. Like her Facebook page.

Emma – who advertises HONESTY in the show – like Juliette – battles mental health problems.  Emma has BDD, OCD, and a history of self-harm. She is also an incredible writer and is working with Juliette on a book proposal of ‘When I Grow Up’.

Huge thanks to all the show’s supporters.

Arts Council England

“An important show…Seriously very funny… Burton’s got huge talent…and then some. A must-see.”


“Powerful stuff.”


“A future star… Someone call a TV producer because Burton’s ready for a bigger audience.”

★★★★★ The Argus