Rom Com Con

Rom Com Con (Mace and Burton)

Fed up with being single and all their friends getting married, Lizzy and Juliette set out to find   true love by road-testing all the ways guys and girls meet in the rom coms.

Do they find love? Or just one big con?

Have you ever watched a romantic comedy and wondered, “Could that actually happen in real life”? Lizzy Mace and Juliette Burton have… And they’ve decided to find out! Join them as they take the rom coms for a road-test in this light-hearted look at love on the silver screen.

Rom Com Con won the Argus Angel Award for Excellence and was Top Nominee for the Best Comedy in The Latest Awards at Brighton Fringe 2012, was a Top 5 free show at Edinburgh fringe 2012 (The List) and a Top 10 true-life comedy (Chortle). Mace and Burton also performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014.

If you’ve ever wondered how many bookshops a girl has to visit before she meets her Hugh Grant a la Notting Hill, how many car journeys she has to share with friends-of-friends before she meets the Harry to her Sally, and just how many weddings and funerals it really takes to find true love, this is the show for you.