Reviews – LOOK AT ME

“An important show…seriously very funny…Juliette Burton’s got [huge talent]…and then some. A must-see for all.”

★★★★★ THE MIRROR (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“Powerful stuff.”

★★★★ SUNDAY EXPRESS (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“A future star… Someone call a TV producer because Burton’s ready for a bigger audience.”

★★★★★ The Argus (Brighton Fringe 2015)

One of the most important shows you will see… One of the most powerful messages you will hear at The Adelaide Fringe this year.”

Clothesline mag (Adelaide Fringe 2016)

“Undeniably talented with a knack for capturing a crowd, Burton is instantly endearing, her positivity infectious — there’s no doubt she has a long and successful career ahead of her… Expect to leave feeling enlightened, empowered and inspired” DON’T MISS

The Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe 2016)

“World-class comedy with a big heart”

AUSTRALIAN STAGE (Adelaide Fringe 2016)

“Charmingly open and honest… Burton’s loveable humour has the audience laughing at themselves… uplifted as well as entertained.”

★★★★ THE SKINNY (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“Not an average comedy… Entertainment with real social purpose.”

★★★★ BROADWAY BABY (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“Thoughtful, truthful and funny… It’s [Burton’s infectious] charm – and her brutal honesty – that make this show truly remarkable.”

★★★★ FRINGE GURU (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“A perfect summer cocktail…Incredibly sensitive subjects are handled with wit and wisdom.”

★★★★ EdFest magazine (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“Burton [entertains] in a thoroughly professional and funny way that drew laughter throughout her show…Amazing and hilarious.”

★★★★ ONE4REVIEW (Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“One of the most remarkable comedy shows I have seen.”


“Smart, perceptive… Funny and genuinely moving.”


“Funny and insightful”






“It’s a rare find on the Fringe: a show with heart. And not just that – this one’s got soul too… [Look At Me is] a cracking comedy hour, but one with sensitivity and genuine insight.” THE SKINNY (pre-fringe press)

“Burton is funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. And jolly, with razor-sharp smarts to boot.” THE SUNDAY HERALD (pre-fringe press)

Top 10 show on Fringe Review alongside Abigoliah, Bec Hill and Rubberbandits. See more here!

Prepare yourself for the oncoming EDINBURGH FRINGE WALL OF AWESOME  – AUDIENCE TWEETS!

Tracey Ashford: Wonderful. Juliette’s show is great.Take your daughters,sons,partners – we loved being your audience Juliette.

John Drake: Fantastic show

David Grindlay: you were fab lady. Such a show, it still makes me smile and think so much weeks after.

David Geddes: Amazing show from @julietteburton at #edfringe Powerful, insightful, funny, honest and provocative. Worthy of every star!

Yvonne Treacy: FABULOUS! Thank you for the tears and alot of laughs today x (Aug 24 2014)

Caroline Marjorie: Free time during the day means Fringe shows – this one was perfect. Look at me by Juliette Burton. A funny, brave, clever and BEAUTIFUL lady. A wonderful show. #LookatMe #JulietteBurton

Jessica Doyle: Absolutely incredible & inspirational! So glad you flyered myself and @maeveosullivan today!

Michael McFarlane: Wow @JulietteBurton amazing show!!!!!

Dave Nelder: Funny, skilled & thoughtful @JulietteBurton GO GO GO GO GO GO NOW

Izzy Rees: “Look At Me” by @JulietteBurton is a really entertaining & engaging show about some important issues – refreshingly different #edfringe

Julie Homfray: A fringe highlight!

Christopher Bartley: Top show on 21st @ Gilded Balloon. Cheers Chris

Sam Streeter: Another ridiculous fun day with @JulietteBurton exploring all of who she is or could be

Thomas Bartley: Great show today!

Jen Wilson: saw @JulietteBurton at the Fringe today. (Aug 22 2014) great show-some real laughs. teared up a bit too! wanted to hug her, in a totally non-creepy way…

Robyn McGregor: Powerful & amazing show from @JulietteBurton A brave performer making an impact. The reaction from some of the men was great. #edfest

Jeannie Jones: Go see @JulietteBurton ‘Look at me’ What an incredible show, funny, thought provoking & full of pathos I inspire to such honesty.

Colin Usher: Top show, awesome individual, makes a great granny. Thanks

Aideen McCormack: Great show yesterday, so funny I had the Cosmo mag in my bag! Lovely to meet you aswell!

Bill Badger: 3 great shows yesterday, @julietteburton@SusanCalman and @sarapascoe. Weirdly connected by the same theme, they should be sold as package

Bill Badger: thought ur show was excellent today better therapy than therapy in my experience. Wish how I felt afterwards was longer lasting

Sophie Caswell: So so proud of my wonderful friend @JulietteBurton for her brilliant show LOOK AT ME. It’s funny, insightful, dark, light.

Gemma Coles: I also saw @JulietteBurton‘s show – both funny and thought provoking – go see! #EdFringe

Adam: Just saw Look At Me by @julietteburton. Amazing, moving, funny show about clothes and body image and more. So moving.

Colin Hicks: Just seen the award nominated @JulietteBurton in wonderful @LookAtMeCOMEDY I just loved it. A masterpiece! See it before the Fringe ends!

Mel Bennett: Seriously, everybody go and see @JulietteBurton‘s show!!!!!! It’s award nominated, and incredible!

Andrew Bell: Saw @JulietteBurton‘s #edfringe show this afternoon and now have learned it’s been nominated for a well deserved award from @theskinnymag.

Berenegre Ariaudo: If I was @edfringe I’d make sure I had tickets for @casualviolence and @JulietteBurton. Two shows not to be missed.

Sara Templeton: I don’t think it was coincidence that I walked past the Gilded Balloon yesterday while you were promoting your show… and came to see the show as you sold it so well. Everything happens for a reason ?

Colin Hicks: @JulietteBurton ‘s ‘Look at Me’ show sells out each day, is a mini masterpiece & a wonderful show! Should win all of the awards.. #edfringe

Sara Templeton: saw the show yesterday(front row). Fantastic show very poignant and stuff that my daughter needed to hear. Thank you x

Sara Templeton: Saw a fantastic show at the fringe @JulietteBurton Look At Me. Very poignant and thought provoking. Go and see!!

Louise Robertson: Baring yourself like that was just awesome!

Laura C: Fab show! Juliette Burton’s show is worth seeing

Lisa Davidson: Incredibly thought-provoking and enjoyable show from @JulietteBurton Especially poignant viewing this week… Interesting conversations with my mum about me as a teenage after we saw @JulietteBurton ‘s #lookatme

Dr Claire Rush: WOW @JulietteBurton -we’re inspired by your courage vulnerability &giftedness. Keep finding the ‘light in the darkness’ #lookatme#edfringe

Dave Nelder: Brilliant show. Thought provoking and funny. I’ve seen it twice.

Jennie McClaren: Seeing JulietteBurton is always a treat!

Colin Marr: Saw @JulietteBurton this afternoon (Aug 14 2014)- brillaint show made me laugh a lot and cry at least twice. Honest thought provoking and uplifting.

Jennie: Look at her. Listen to her. A beautiful message by a beautiful person. PLEASE go and see @JulietteBurton‘s #LookAtMe #EdFringe  I cannot praise the show enough. I loved it! X

David Grindlay: such a well put together show and she tells an amazing story

Amy: You are rocking it girrrrl!

Steve Bickley: First show of #fifthannual #edfringe Perfect delivery of a show so obviously so personal. We wanted another hour #lookatme

Jennifer Barry: Fantastic show once again!

Sahar Zivan: Gutted to be missing the #edfringe this year, but based on last year, for anyone going I highly recommend @JulietteBurton.

Ian Cleverdon: [Your reviews/stars are] well deserved and reviewed. Excellent show!

What The Frock: [Your reviews] Wow! Fantastic response and well deserved x

Megan: If anyone’s at the fringe this year you have to go see @JulietteBurton ‘s show look at me!

Jacinta Maud Hunter: Just saw @JulietteBurton in her #edfringe show #LookAtMe. Interesting, uplifting and I think has very important message.

Simon Puttock: Funny, discomforting, confessionally intimate, confrontational, and warm (in the human sense). I liked it a lot. #lookatme

Funny Women: Pick of the day! Look At Me by @JulietteBurton at 14.45 @GildedBalloon can changing our outsides change who we are on the inside? #edfringe

Gill: So pleased that things are going amazing for @JulietteBurton I Just wish I could hop on a train back to Edinburgh &see Look At Me again!